What is Nata de Coco?

Nata de coco is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like food product produced by the bacterial fermentation of coconut water. Nata de coco is most commonly sweetened as a candy or dessert, and can accompany many things including pickles, drinks, ice cream, puddings and fruit mixes.

“Nata de coco” comes from Spanish “Cream of Coconut”. Cream in this sense means the fat from the coconut milk.

Nata de coco is highly regarded for its high dietary fiber, and its zero fat and cholesterol content. No preservatives or other chemicals are added to Nata de coco. The nutritional values of coconut products vary according to the different stages of development. The mature coconut is a good source of iron and potassium. Approximately 86% of the calories in coconuts are from fat, most of which is saturated fat.

The primarily coconut water dessert is produced through a series of steps ranging from water extraction, mixing, fermentation, separating, cleaning, cutting to packaging.

Nutrients Unit Thai RDI* Composition of coconut products
N (c) 2 (11) 3
Ash 0.5 g 88.5
Moisture (Water) 84.4 g 45
Energy 61 kcal (255 kJ) 2.0
Protein 50 g** 0.7
Fat 65 g** 7.6
Total available carbohydrates include FIBTG 300 g** –
Dietary 25 g 1.2
Calcium (Ca) Milligram 800 58
Phosphorus (P) 800 mg 53
Iron (Fe) 15 mg –
Sodium (Na) 2400 mg –
Potassium (K) 3500 mg –
Copper (Cu) 2 mg –
Zinc (Zn) 15 mg –
Vitamin A (Retinol) 0 µg
β-Carotene 2031 µg
Total vitamin A (Retinol- Equivalent, RE) 800 µg 339
Vitamin B1 (ThiA) 1.5 mg –
Vitamin B2 (Ribf) 1.7 mg –
Niacin 20 mg** –
Vitamin C 60 mg –
* Percentage of the recommended daily intake in Thailand is based upon a 2,000 kcal (8.37 MJ) diet.
** % Energy distribution from protein, total fat and carbohydrate = 10:30:60, total saturated

fat = 10% of total energy. Source: Thai Food Composition Tables (1999), Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University (INMU).


6 thoughts on “What is Nata de Coco?

  1. saya mhon infonya mengenai bahan pembuatan nata de coco,karena saya awam sekali,yang dimaksud ZA,dan Sktrak touqe itu apa,dan bakteri Acetobacter xylinum dimana saya bisa dapatkan?karena saya sangat berminat dengan pembuatan nata de coco ini,karena di tempat sya banyak sekali buah kelapa

    Produksi, Penjualan dan Pelatihan Pembuatan Nata
    Jual aneka nata:
    1. nata de coco
    2. nata de soya
    3. nata de ory
    4. nata de pinna
    5. nata de banana
    6. puding nata
    7. yonata
    8. agnata.
    9. dan produk bioteknologi lainnya.

    The Xylinum Club
    General Manager

    Jl. Sunan Giri No. 1 RT 012/015 Rawamangun Jakarta Timur 13220

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